LinkedIn Growth Hacking – How to Rank in the Top 1%

How I used Growth Hacking to increase my LinkedIn Profile ranking to #1 out of 48,553 within my company.

Rank in the Top 1% of your company

As many may know one of the easiest ways to increase your LinkedIn profile ranking is through profile views.

Those new to View Karma, check out this post. Essentially its a peer group of people who willingly give profile views in return for profile views. (If you want to get involved join the View Karma LinkedIn group.)

At View Karma we have done a great job sustaining increased views. With the automation we have turned our process into a growth hack as well.

What if you want to take your LinkedIn Visibility the next level?

Enter Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

My LinkedIn profile was one among 48,533 other profiles within my company. Originally ranking somewhere around the 30K mark it became my objective to find a way to the first page of results. There are only 10 profiles on the first page so I had my work cut out for me.

LinkedIn's "How you rank for profile views" tabs

With the automation created by I quickly jump ranks until I landed at the tail end of the top 10. This was when my progress nearly halted. I made it right? Well I was in the top 10 but I was still below the fold. I was determined to have my face be one of just three that show above the fold.

How to Get 400+ LinkedIn Profile Views in 36 Hours

This was when I discovered I wasn’t alone! #GrowthHacking is a thing! I came across an article by Alex Scott on Medium, with just a couple lines of JavaScript he was able to work magic.

He altered the script from a Growth Hacking article involving twitter which I will save for another post. Anyways the idea was to go to your “People You May Know” page on LinkedIn, the script would continuously scroll down and invite EVERYBODY to connect.

It took some pondering on my part. Up to this point I had been pretty selective about who I allowed connections with and was happy with my 250 or so connections. I was on a mission and the fact that these were not just random people but my 2nd degree connections seemed to be all the rationalization that I needed to continue.

After a slight alteration to the original script to support LinkedIn’s newest PYMK page, opening the Dev Tools, and pasting I went to the races inviting around 1,500 people in just a few minutes.

How to Replicate?

  1. In Chrome navigate to PYMK
  2. Open Developer Tools – Right Click the page and select “Inspect”
  3. Navigate to the “Console” section
  4. Paste the following
a = setInterval(function () {
}, 1000);

Note: The autoscroll hasn’t worked for everybody. You may have to scroll up and down to load new profiles.

To Stop the script enter:


Within minutes this growth hack had my phone continuously buzzing with a flood of new connections and profile views. In the first 8 hours I had over 200 new connections and nearly 200 new profile views. The numbers continued to climb for the next two days and have started to slow. I went from 250 to 750 connections and an additional 400 views in two days.

LinkedIn profile views chart

Some have argued whether LinkedIn’s ranking has any major benefit. My thoughts are, even if I’m just one person higher on the next list of search results, I’ll take it. However, this method has done much more then just put me one person higher. It has put me about 30k higher.

I always say mileage may vary on this, but I’m sure many people have taken a look at the ranking within their company. I can guarantee they only look at two spots on that list: The top 10, and where they rank on the list. Well you will find my face in one of those spots in my company and I’ll take whatever visibility that might bring my way.

LinkedIn Ranking above the fold
LinkenIn’s “How you rank for profile views” above the fold for “Your company”.

I’ll have an article coming soon about growth hacking your twitter account and any other #GrowthHacks I might come across.


Why won’t you accept my connection request?

“Expert” Profile Ranking


As most people, I’m genuinely pleased when people send me requests to connect on LinkedIn. Specifically, I love being able to connect with a colleague who I have lost track of.  That led me to believe that being a LION was the way to go.

For a long time, I was a LION. LinkedIn Open Networker. The person who posts “LION” on their profile is telling you that they will accept all connection requests, regardless of your industry or tenure. I used this strategy for about a year and a half.  I watched certain people have 25,000+ network connections, and I really struggled to see how that many connections added value to their profile.  Short answer? It didn’t and it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, It didn’t really help me do what LI was designed to do, which is to network. I removed the LION moniker from my name, and decided to try a different strategy. I began to really pay attention to who I wanted to attract. In order for me to network effectively, I needed to connect with senior level personnel in the Health Insurance industry.

My title at the time was “Senior Account Executive.”

On a hunch, I began requesting connection with professionals at least one level “above” me.

I stopped accepting connection requests from folks whose job title would place them “beneath” me (in terms of an organization chart).

I was then promoted to Vice President, and I deployed the same strategy. I stopped accepting any “lateral” or “beneath me” connections. Think of it this way, would a CEO need to connect with a Customer Service Rep in real life? Probably not.

My strategy took about a year but began to pay off in spades. My profile is now absolutely full of industry professionals with the title “CEO,” “Vice-President,” “Director” etc.

This raises my profile value (as determined by LinkedIn metrics), and it is seen in the “who is viewing your profile.” I’m now ranked in the top 2% for profile views among my connections. #15 out of 964 increased 6% in the last 30 days.

This will help your profile rise to the top of rankings, although it will take time! You will have to be patient and focused. You must stay in your industry, and target profiles in line with your job title or one level above. You should not accept requests from people who would appear ‘beneath’ you on an organizational chart, unless you personally know them.

So, for the 9 wonderful people who are waiting for me to accept their connection requests, thank you but no thank you.

Make your Linkedin profile standout with these 3 tips

It’s easy for employers to find hundreds and hundreds of potential emoployers with the skillsets they need. So how do you make your Linkedin profile stand out? try these three quick and easy tips.

Your Linkedin profile picture

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so unless you’re interviewing to be the next Hugh Heffner,  profile photos from wild party nights are best left to private posts on other platforms.

That doesn’t mean that your LinkedIn profile picture has to be completely traditional, stiff or formal.

Hire a professional or ask a friend to spend some time capturing a head and shoulders shot that show off a friendly smile. Think about slightly different angles, beautiful light, and clean backgrounds to really make the focus of the photo you.

Suits and ties are nice, but not necessary.

you want to exude a personality that is friendly, professional, creative and ready to take on the world.

List best skills, not ALL skills

Are you a Microsoft Word master? Yes, so is everyone.

There’s no need to add common talents in your field to a cumbersome or redundant list just to get endorsements.

Potential employers want to know about the tools in your box that add value to a team. Are you talented in a highly-specialized skill? Have you worked on unique projects that highlight an ability that is rare and sought-after in your field? Those are the abilities you want other to endorse.

Join a group

A great way to stay on top of the latest trends, buzzwords, skills and more in your field is to join a Linkedin group.

Find a collection of like-minded peers who are excited about your professional world. Reach out, view profiles, ask questions and make connections.

The more you invite and accept invitations from peers, the more profile views and networking opportunities you have.



Profile Ranking: Increase your LinkedIn Visibility

Increase LinkedIn profile ranking

Increase your LinkedIn profile ranking and visibility. Be ranked #1 among professional peers.

Elevate your visibility with recruiters and employers. Give views, get views, land your dream job.

How can you increase your LinkedIn profile ranking?

Do you know How you rank?

There are many articles with tips and tricks to increase your LinkedIn profile ranking. One of  the quickest methods to boost ranking and visibility is through profile views.

View Karma is a LinkedIn group formed by  like-minded folks who are willing to reciprocate profiles view among group members. It provides the opportunity for large peer-to-peer profile views in a short amount of time, using a proven method, similar to a chain letter.

While other groups have used similar methods, receiving hundreds of profile views means giving hundreds of profile views. This can be a cumbersome manual process.

View Karma’s automated profile viewer allows you to view hundreds of profiles effortlessly and in a fraction of the time.

Once you completed  the viewing you’re added to the automated process and will begin to receive hundreds of views.

Increase your LinkedIn profile ranking and views

For more information join the View Karma group You’ll join like-minded peers already benefitting from mass view sharing.